About us

Hosting you for some days off, in a preserved place, respecting and enhancing local heritage.

We originally come from Rhône Alpes region and lived several years in Paris for our careers in communication and hotel industry. Slowly we felt we were missing something in this life we had: space, calm and nature. So we took the time to think about it, considering any possibility for a different life, a slowlife. Creating our nest in a country house to host and gather anyone looking for memorable and fine moments was an evidence!

Why South Burgundy? Come to see us, we will surely talk about wines, gastronomy, hiking, culture and history… We aim at selecting and working close with passionate local partners to offer you surprising discoveries about this lovely region.

We would like to welcome you here respecting as much as possible the environnment we settled in. Local food in your plates, bedding from Burgundy, French bed and bath linen in organic coton, no screens, … Just because we are truly convinced travelling can be eco- friendly and pleasant at the same time; we invite you to experience it with us.